About Us

The “us” is an “I.” But it sounds better.

I’m Judi Fennell, award-winning, best-selling published author and speaker. All of my traditionally published books to date have been nominated for, or won, prestigious reviews and awards, including several reviews in Publishers’ Weekly, including a starred review, the PRISM Award (twice), National Readers’ Choice Award (double finalist), Golden Leaf Award (5 times), Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, PW’s Beyond Her Book Readers’ Choice, LASR Book of the Week, LRC Best Paranormal, among others, and many more before I was published.

I participate each year in Brenda Novak’s Auction for Juvenile Diabetes, donating my critiques for bidding. I am active on the RWA contest circuit as a judge, and am known affectionately (at least, I hope) as “Bloody Judi” for my in-depth story analyses. I have been a student of language from middle school through college and enjoy helping writers achieve their potential.

For the editorial service:

My edits are not guaranteed to get you published. Sorry about that, but the business is what it is. Some stories hit; others don’t. I will give you my honest opinion–good and not-so-good–couched gently for the latter and with multiple exclamation points for the former.

One thing to know about me is that I value integrity. My name is on this site, it’s on your credit card receipt,  and sometimes, it’s in your book; I will deliver THE BEST product I can and do it with a smile. That,  you can count on. I will not share your  contact information.

My books, some traditionally published, others self-published (and formatted) by me.


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  1. i have two books on Amazon in both paperback and ebook, and my third book in the series will be ready for submission by mid October.. Because of the disparity in sales between the paperback and ebook versions, I am not planning on offering the third in any form other than as a Kindlebook. I like your approach. My third book in the series (the Queen of Scots Suite) will be much shorter than the first two. probably about 110-115K words . What details do you need to give me an estimate of the costs of producing the ebook conversion? And what about interior images? I have a webpage at thefirstmarie.com (sadly neglected, I fear). Linda Root lindaroot8@gmail.com

  2. Can I contact you re: your editorial services /pricing? Im on the cusp of finishing a YA book fiction and need to find an ecperienced editor I can build a professional working relationship with.

    I’m going to pursue online publishing.

    My book matters to me as much as your book matters to you 🙂

    Many thanks.


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