10+ years of happy clients!

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Judi Fennell’s editing services. She is fast, yet insightful and careful. We worked under a tight deadline on a recent project, and she exceeded my expectations at every turn. Great work!” ~ Lara Adrian

“Judi Fennell is a superb editor. She has pointed out places in every manuscript where I can improve the story, including problems that I, an experienced author, missed seeing. My work has been improved so much under her guidance. Her formatting work and cover design have been equally excellent. I recommend her highly!” ~ Roni Denholtz

“Another outstanding performance by Formatting4U.com! You’re the formatter, uploader, and hand-holder every indie author needs!” ~ Laura Navarre

“Judi is wonderful to work with – responsive, clear about her needs and mine, and fast. Working with her is a pleasure!” ~ Terese Ramin

“I appreciate Judi’s expertise and professionalism. She’s responsive and knowledgeable!” ~ Carol Van Den Hende

“Judi is a godsend!! She is very professional and a master expert at her craft. She has gone above and beyond to assist me with editing my book. I look forward o working with her to self publish my book as well. Thank you!” ~ Samuel Walker

“Judi did a fast, extremely thorough job, worked with me on minor changes and showed a bulldog tenacity dealing with some banking issues. Highly recommended!” ~L.B. Beckett

“Judi provided thorough and expert insights to improve my story and her suggestions were spot on, accounting for style, genre and audience. I would recommend her very highly to anyone wanting to get their work to the next level.” ~ Stephanie Queen, USA Today bestselling author

“Fast and efficient, a great formatter! Judi Fennell is The best!” ~ Eilis Flynn

“Judi worked around the clock to complete my standing banner design in one day, just so I could get a discount on the printing. Her design is stunning–exactly what I was looking for!” ~ Jessica Lauryn

“Judi Fennell is an incredible editor with a keen eye that detects both grammatical and story line edits. Her feedback has contributed to making me a better writer. It’s incredible that she can be so thorough and turn around the work in such a timely manner.” ~ Dalia Dupris

“Judi is an absolutely amazing person to work with. She is well organized and knows her business well. She has always been very patient and willing to forma my work the way I see it. If you are looking for help with your formatting, Judi Fennell is the person you want. I highly recommend her.” ~ Charles Lemar Brown

“Judi is beyond amazing. This cookbook could never have been done without her talent, expertise, patience and knowledge. She is a treasure! I will never do another book without her and I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!” ~ Leslie Hachtel

“I’ve worked with Judi on a range of products and marketing and she consistently delivers on time and under budget even in the most trying of circumstances. I highly recommend her services!” ~ Sarah M. Anderson

“One of the best experiences I have ever had. Working with Judi was a true delight. Professional, efficient and thorough–to all details.” ~ Diana E. Barnett

“Judi did an excellent job converting my Word documents to eBooks (and did it quite quickly).  My books had multiple illustrations and chapter headers, which Judi did an excellent job placing properly in the eBook as well.  If you’re struggling to get your files formatted correctly I’d highly recommend her.” ~ Bryan Asher

“Formatting4U provided excellent services, support, and encouragement in the republication of my books. With her years of expertise in the business and as a multi-published author, Judi Fennell understands what authors need to bring out their best work.” ~ Catherine Greenfeder

“When launching my last book, I was at a loss on many fronts – including formatting and advertising on Facebook. Judi Fennell of formatting4you came to the rescue, and did an excellent job at both, saving me a lot of aggravation and providing lots of guidance and reassurance along the way … all at a very fair price. Even though this isn’t my first book, I honestly don’t know how I could’ve gotten through this without her. Many thanks (for her help and my ability to sleep at night) to Judi.” ~ Joan Lipinski Cochran

“Thank you Judi for my lovely new covers. I am over the moon with the results! I especially loved our collaboration. The results show it.” ~ Saharra K. Sandhu

“Loved working with Judi. She does exceptional work. Loved how my books turned out and she’s delightful!” ~ Carol Zerboni

“All praises for Judi! She saved my sanity and helped me to the finish line with a manuscript that was in desperate need of finishing. Many thanks to Judi and her fantastic editing skills!” ~ Saharra K. Sandhu

“Judi is indispensable for me. I can’t take the time to figure out all the platforms. She is very fast and responsive and priced fairly. I  look forward to my next project with her.” ~ Linda Ballou

“Amazing service. Judy helped me get though a tricky formatting situation for a coloring book. I never would have managed it on my own!” ~ Angel Lawson

“Judi at Fromatting4U was professional, efficient, and timely. I gave her many pictures to place and she did a great job. I am a pleased customer. A nice experience. ” ~ S. Carlisle May

“Working with Judi was a phenomenal and seamless experience. Thank you for everything!” ~ Grace Michaels

“The team at Formatting4U was on time, on task and on budget, providing helpful guidance for this first-time e-publisher! They made it easy to navigate the process and provide the best recommendations for my work. It was a pleasure to work with Judi and I highly recommend them to others seeking to e-publish.” ~ Marsha Millonig, MBA, BPharm, President & CEO, Catalyst Enterprises, LLC

“Once again, formatting4U has delivered amazing service formatting my next novel. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would use anyone other than formatting4U. Five stars!” ~ Bryan T. Clark

“Formatting4U was fast, efficient and thorough.Judi knew exactly what needed to be done and she did a beautiful job of formatting my print book!” ~ Samantha Kane

“Professional and prompt service. A pleasure to do business with.” ~ Marcia King Gamble

“Professional, knowledgeable, fast!” ~ Dr. Hank Finkel

“Judi is easy to work with and accommodating to changes. It’s a relief to leave the file conversions in her capable hands.” ~ Nancy J. Cohen

“Judi is unsurpassed in service, patience and wonderful work. I have used her twice now and I am delighted! I will use her for every project.” ~ Leslie Hachtel

“formatting4U was exactly what I was looking for when my novel was ready to publish. All the questions I had were answered and the book was formatted to perfection. The cover was eye-catching and exceeded my expectations. Judi was eay to work with and returned all my emails promptly. I high recommend her to take care of all your formatting needs. She listens and guides. The perfect partner to get your book out there.” ~ CJ Knapp

“I could not have made it to home plate without Judi’s help, direction, cooperation and understanding. She’s a winner.” ~ Mimi Barash Coppersmith

“Very pleased with quick turn-around and final product. Easy to work with. Will certainly use again.” ~ Karen Hasley

“I wholeheartedly recommend formatting4U highly! Judi is as patient as she is professional—willing to walk you through this process if it is your first time, ALWAYS on top of things. My book is gorgeously formatted, with an interior design that enhances the its content and evokes the vibe of the novel in time, place and tone.”  ~ Sophie Perinot

“I cannot speak highly enough of Judi and her company! Wow. What an amazing experience. I had a partner in self-publishing that knew the ins and outs of the business, made the process seamless, was encouraging, straight-forward, and a wealth of knowledge.” ~ Diana Muñoz Stewart

“I asked Judi to do a content edit of my manuscript, and I’m so glad I did. She found plot holes that I completely missed. Judi definitely knows how to make a book better!” ~ Lynn Kellan

“This nonfiction project was the hardest we’ve done together. Besides being patient and polite about my numerous requests, you made the book look professional and polished. I know I can always count on you to get the job done right.” ~ Nancy J. Cohen

“Wonderful Editing!”  ~ Gerri Bowen

“I have worked with Judi no on several book projects, and have always been delightfully happy with not only her work, but the knowledge she shares about the formatting process.” ~ Bryan T. Clark

“Judi Fennell has been wonderful throughout the entire formatting process and answered my numerous questions quickly and clearly. She make helped make my first self-publishing project go as smoothly. ” ~ Paul Ferrante

“Judi does fast, expert formatting and is super easy to work with.” ~ Susan Vaughan

“Fantastic job! My new logo is perfect, and the turnaround time was great! I will definitely use Formatting4U again!” ~ Barbara Longley

“Great job!” ~ Mary Wine

“Judi is a dream to work with, talented and reasonable. Perfect for your self-publishing or promotional projects.” ~ K.M. Daughters

“As a first time indie publisher, Judi was a dream come true -so patient with my many questions and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. ” ~ Maggie Dallen

“Judi’s easy to work with and always thorough in the job she does.” ~ C. Lee McKenzie

“Judi was so incredibly easy to work with. I was a nervous first-timer but she never flinched. I found her to be responsive to my questions in a timely manner. I never worried that I wouldn’t hear from her. I highly recommend Judi for any self-publishing needs you have. She’s the bomb-diggity, y’all. Seek joy, y’all. Do yourself the favor of having a professional helpl you with at least your first book. You won’t be sorry.” ~ Arwen Lynch, The Professional Joy Seeker

“Judi was a dream to work with. She’s friendly, provides sound guidance to first time self-publishers, does impeccable work, finishes the job quickly, and was willing to accommodate my hectic schedule. Couldn’t recommend her more!” ~ Darren Shadix

“Fast and professional and friendly. And reasonable. What more could I want?” ~ Elias True

“formatting4U.com formatted my box set beautifully and quickly. I do much of my own formatting but for the lengthy box set I ran into problem after problem. With help from formatting4U, I was able to get my book up and for sale at iBooks.” ~ Grace Greene

“Fast and efficient service. Judy keeps in regular contact.” ~ Louisa Clarkson

“Fantastic service every time we do business with Judi Fennell! Couldn’t be happier!” ~ Charles C. Brown

“As always, efficient and quick turnaround.” ~ C. Lee McKenzie

“Thanks for helping me get established on Ingram Spark. I couldn’t have done it without your expert help!” ~ Nancy J. Cohen

“It was a pleasure to work with Judi and Formatting4U. She responded quickly to my e-mails, answered all my questions, and turned my formatting job around in record time. I love working with people who are so efficient!” ~ Tracie Banister

“My go to for all my formatting needs! The best in the biz.” ~ Shirley Anne Edwards

“Formatting 4 U has been an invaluable member of my team. Judi is meticulous, responsive, supportive, positive, and an incredible resource of information. I could not do what I do without her. She’s been one of the key ingredients to my success.” ~  Lauren Rowe, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Club Trilogy and Countdown to Killing Kurtis

“Formatting4U is fast, professional, and just plain awesome!” ~ Theresa Ragan

“I have used formatting4U for several projects including formatting and editing and I am always very happy with her work.” ~ Christina Tetreault

“Another stellar job by Judi Fennell at Formatting4U!” ~ Nancy Cohen

“I have truly found a gem with Judi in Formatting4U. Service is always expedient and professional. This is an honest company and is always in contact with you as your services are being performed” ~ Lorraine Carey

“I love Judi and Formatting4U. An absolute joy to work with!” ~ Lauren Rowe

“Judi was great again as usual…her work is precise and prompt! You are the BEST. Thanks again Judi!” ~Doug Poynter

“Formatting 4U was the simplest step in my self-publishing process. Judi worked with me and held my tech unsavvy hand the whole time. You won’t find better service anywhere.” ~ Kate Forest

“Formatting4U.com is fast and efficient and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend!” ~Theresa Ragan

“Judi’s work is fast and efficient, and she is great about communicating with her clients” ~ Catherine Gayle

“Thank you for another wonderful conversion. My new editions look professional and polished, and I appreciate your taking the time to make all the little tweaks I requested. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.” ~ Nancy Cohen

“Judi’s line edit recommendations on our latest work were on par with the work of the best line editors at major publication houses we’ve written for. Excellent job.” ~Jan Coffey

“awesome and amazing service … so supportive!” ~ Kathryn Jane

“Judi is the best in the biz! Fast, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable! I couldn’t do it without her!”  ~ Patrice Lyle

“Fast, easy and completely stress free! Exactly what I need before a book release!” ~ Angel Lawson

“Judi Fennell always delivers perfect formatting in a timely manner. It’s a pleasure doing business with Formatting 4U! Thank you ;)” ~ C.H. Admirand

“I feel very lucky to have found Judi and formatting4u.com. Turnaround time was amazing, the files looked great once we uploaded them, and the prices are affordable. Handing the formatting tasks over to Judi saved me tons of time and headaches with the technical stuff so I could focus on the creativity. I will definitely use formatting4U again and recommend them highly.”  –NYT Bestselling author E.G. Foley (aka Gaelen Foley)

“I contacted Judi on a recommendation from a fellow author and I’m so glad I did. Judi’s knowledge and professionalism have lessened my anxiety as I navigate the road of Indy Publishing. I am always impressed at the speed of which Judi can have my e-book formatted, uploaded, and ready for purchase. I will continue to use her services for future projects.” ~ Sherry A. Burton

“Great job. Efficient and well worth the money.” ~ C. Lee McKenzie

“I am an established client of Formatting4U.Judi has always been expededient and reliable with each service. I can rest easy knowing I have someone who will take care of business so I can focus on my writing and not have to worry about the technical part of it. ” ~ Lorraine Carey

“I will never use another company but formatting4U. Judi Fennell does amazing work and the product is always better that you ever thought you were going to receive.” ~ Lilian Roberts

“Judi did a quick turn-around for me and the book looked great!” ~ Sarah M. Anderson

“A marvel to work with!” ~Fran Fisher

“Judi understands the aspects of quality format conversions to Kindle, B&N Nook. She’s a strong trouble-shooter and good editor, too, I might add.” ~ Kevin Corcoran

“The amount of work and expertise required to professionally format my ebook and print-on-demand was far more than I expected. Couldn’t have done it alone. Judi delivered exactly what I needed, and my book looks fantastic.” ~ Larry Buhl

“formatting4U takes the pain and hassle out of putting up an e-book. Fast and reliable and does great work.” ~Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

“You produce an excellent product.” ~ J L Wilson

“Judi Fennell and her formatting service saved me hours of work and no doubt much aggravation in uploading my first original indie title. She was a delight to work with and helped with all my formatting needs. Her assistance made it so much easier to upload files to the online bookstore sites. She even puts in platform-specific links which help readers find your other titles. I highly recommend her service to anyone who is considering indie publishing their backlist titles or their original works.” ~ Nancy J. Cohen

“Judi is fast, professional and has the patience of a saint with newbies! Would recommend her highly.” ~ Charles C. Brown

“Formatting For U was highly recommended by a friend. They exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I had an eBook which was previously formatted incorrectly and Judi Fennell took over like a pro to correct the book and expedite the process. I received quality work as their expectations are of high standards. Communication was prompt and every email was answered. I am most happy to have found a formatter that I can rely on which will now allow me to focus on my writing.” ~ Lorraine Carey

“Thank you so much for your great, work.” ~ Tmonique Stephens

“Judi did a tremendous job working tirelessly with me to meet my deadline.” ~ Ryan Krohn

“Great work! Judi is fast, and professional. That I’m a repeat customer says it all.” Kathy Holzapfel

“Excellent service! Fast turnaround!” ~ Julie Korzenko

“Fast! Fast! Fast! Crazy fast!” ~ Mara Jacobs

“Judi is fast, professional, and simply amazing. She made this process so much easier!” ~ Stacey Marie Brown

As before, it’s a pleasure doing business with you. Your prompt and thorough service saves me hours of work and makes these uploads so much easier.” ~ Nancy Cohen

“After futile attempts at formatting our Dad’s children’s stories for e-publication posthumously, we learned about author, Judi Fennell’s service: formatting4u.com. Maybe Dad had a hand in steering us her way, because working with Judi was a heavenly experience. Turnaround was lightening quick. Her work is flawless and her service is gracious and caring. She designed three book covers for us, seemingly in hours. And they are beautiful (!!!) and available for you to view here on her website. Her rates are more than reasonable and she truly is a joy to work with. Don’t spend another second learning to do this yourself. Her assistance is invaluable.” ~ K.M. Daughters

“Judi offers the best of the best in ebook formatting and in customer service. Could simply not do it with out her!! She’s prompt, courteous, and very helpful!” ~Patrice Lyle

“I’m so happy I found Judi and Formatting4U! She’s fast, affordable, and a pleasure to work with!” ~Lisa K. Cox

“Formatting4U is a dream! My books are beautiful and formatted perfectly for all platforms. And I love the look of my print on demand books as well. My questions are answered promptly and Judi stays abreast of changes in the indie publishing industry.” ~ Pamela Aares

“Judi’s work is the best of the best!!!”~Sara Humphreys

“Judi was fast, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.”~Laura Albright

“Perfect and fast. Thanks so much, Judi!”~Bella Street

“I highly recommend Judi and formatting4U.com. The formatting and uploads of Do Not Tell Me No and Touch Me were quick and painless. Judi also did the copyedits on Touch Me, and I was pleased beyond words with her extraordinary efforts to make my work shine.” ~ Kathryn Jane

“SAVING MISS WITHERSPOON is the second cover Judy has designed for me and I absolutely love it.  The first cover she designed (BRIDE BY CHANCE) is eye-catching and lovely and I’m getting good sales on that book.  I can’t wait to get my second ‘Judi Fennell’ cover into print.  Judi makes me look good and I appreciate it. ” ~ Marilyn Shank

“Judi at formatting4u is professional, quick, and efficient. I chose to work with her based on the write-up in RWR and because she communicates so well. I love the way my book looks!” ~ Jamie Jones

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Formatting4U. Judi is great to work with and did a phenomenal job creating my gorgeous covers. She completed the formatting and uploading of the books quickly. So all I had to do was publish!”  ~ Susan Vaughan

“Judi is extremely knowledgeable about e-books and was fabulous to work with! She provided fast, accurate service and kept me informed me at all times. She responded quickly to my questions and I was very impressed! In these emerging “digital times,” it’s great for authors to have such a reliable and excellent formatting service available.” ~ Patrice Lyle

“Judi offers fast, quality service at a great rate!” ~ Becky Barker

“Amazing job by Judi! She was so helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely use Formatting 4 U again.” – KTGrant.com

“Judi was great and met all my needs quickly! Amazing customer service!” ~ Denise Alicea

“Prompt, attentive, responsive service with a smile. Highly recommended.”~Mardi Ballou

“Judi was quick, efficient and saved me hours of frustration. I’ll be hiring her again, because the most important thing I can do is write. Judi is a true professional who does a fabulous job.” ~Sibelle Stone

“Great job and quick turnaround.”~Katherine Logan

“Lovely job. Fast courteous service. I’ll be back.” ~ Kris Pearson

“I can count on Judi to always complete the work by my deadline and to do a fabulous job She’s my “go to” person for formatting!” ~ Sibelle Stone

“I am so pleased with how professional my book looks. Judi was wonderful to work with, and answered all of my newbie questions. ” ~ Jamie Jones

“I’m thrilled with the quality of Bride by Chance largely due to Judi’s formatting and eye for design.  I’m very proud to have such a quality book available for readers.  I hope to partner with Judi for many more projects.” ~ Marilyn Shank

“When I decided to self-publish, I cringed at the thought of formatting my book for the various distribution channels. Judi made it so easy! In addition to hand-holding me through the entire process, she pointed out additional distribution channels for me to consider and helped me work through my cover formatting concerns. She did an outstanding job from start to finish. I highly recommend her and will be using her services again for future books.” ~Lisa Hilleren

“formatting4U is just the thing techno-challenged writers like me need to step into the exciting world of self publishing. The work is highly professional and Judi answered every question quickly, putting my mind at ease. She is the Goddess of Formatting, IMO. I definitely will use formatting4U for all future self published books.” ~ Kathye Quick

“I don’t just trust formatting4U to help me get my ebooks  out there, I rely on the service. It’s made the whole process easy and profitable.” ~ Annie Jones

“Prompt, knowledgeable, and oh so kind.” – Kathryn Jane

“Judi worked very quickly to put my book on Kindle in under a day’s time. There was no need to spend time formatting.” ~ Gary Starta

“Judi did a great job formatting my book and putting it up. Fast, efficient and friendly.” ~ Theresa Crater

“Judi Fennell takes all the worry out of formatting a book.  I’m very particular about how a book lays out on the page, and I’m always pleased with my book after Judi formats it.  Having her take this responsibility off my shoulders gives me more time to write, the work I love.  Judi makes my life easier.” ~ Marilyn Shank

“Competent and timely formatting. You can’t go wrong with Formatting4U!” ~ Marliss Melton

“Judi’s turnaround time is amazingly fast.  From the minute she has your project, you know you’re working with someone who will get the job done.” ~ Shari Brady

“I’m thrilled at how Judi developed the cover for the digital version into a wrap cover for the print version. Fabulous!” ~ Susan Vaughan

“If you want professional caliber formatting on a budget, try formatting4U!” ~ L.V. Lewis

“Judi’s attention to detail is at a level unmatched by anyone I’ve ever worked with. She finds errors in the best of your writing, things you didn’t even know needed fixing. I did not send her a work-in-progress, but what I considered a 100% finished manuscript. I expected her to find at best one or two little mistakes I missed. She found literally hundreds of things. Best of all, she doesn’t just fix your blunders, she explains her reasoning and gives you options so you can think it through yourself. Judi works fast, over-delivers, and meets or beats deadlines. She’s the best. Any writer thinking of launching a book without using the services of formatting4u is, quite frankly, a fool.” ~ Carl Plumer

“Formatting 4 U was fast and efficient in formatting my manuscript and helping me upload to Smashwords. Judi was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!” – Viola Estrella

“I recently contacted Ms. Fennell of formatting4U.com about formatting one of my backlist books, Wildflowers, a western historical romance novel, for print on demand. The book had been in eBook format for a few months, but I wanted to put it in print. Ms. Fennell’s service proved outstanding. Her quick feedback, attention to details, and response to any concerns I had put me at ease. The total time took much less than I anticipated. As a result, I am very satisfied with the caliber of her work, and I have a gorgeous print copy of my western historical romance to show for it.” ~ Catherine Greenfeder

“Fast, friendly, and efficient service that doesn’t break the bank.” ~ Sandy Loyd

“With rights reverting back to me, I had no idea where to start in making backlist work available across platforms. Formatting 4 U made the process painless, easy, understandable, affordable and timely. I’m as helpless with new technologies as the Victorian characters I write would be but Judi had immense, incredible patience with me, was thorough and great to work with all around. Highly recommended.” ~ Leanna Renee Hieber

“Judi was wonderful to work with. Very fast and responsive.” ~Lisa Mondello

“Judi does outstanding work. Fast, professional, and experienced.” ~ Loren W. Christensen

“I can and have,  recommended  Formatting4U.com to anyone needing this valuable service. The professionalism and support is second to none and the work is top quality and efficient. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely be a repeat customer.” ~ Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

“Judi’s services are speedy, top notch, and the best deal around!  She handled my initial formatting as well as all my questions and changes quickly and professionally, and was fantastic about answering my newbie questions! I will definitely go back to Judi for future services and will continue to recommend her to friends and fellow authors for all their formatting needs.” ~ Joan Swann

“Working with Formatting 4U was a pleasant experience.  They answered all my questions and provided me with exactly what I needed to get my book ready for publication.  Judi was always professional and knowledgeable. The turnaround time was fantastic. I would recommend this site to anyone who needs their material prepared for publication.  And I will certainly use the service again in the future.” ~ Christine Tetreault

“I loved working with Judi at Formatting4U. She was helpful, attentive and did a beautiful job. I will use her services again and again and recommend her highly.” ~ Annie Jones

“Judi offers fast, quality service for a great rate. Thanks, Judi!” ~ Becky Barker

“I couldn’t ask for a more efficient, professional and friendly person and business for my formatting!” ~ Dana Fredsti

“Judi was wonderful to work with…very professional, extremely knowledgeable. She was tireless in preparing my documents and very patient with all my questions. I highly recommend her.” ~ Christina James

“Judi is fast, reliable, and patient with new authors who make mistakes and have a lot of questions. I was amazed at how quick and painless her process was, and she did a great job–there were no  errors on her end with either book. I’ll definitely work with her again.” ~ Stacy Green

“Judi is tireless! She answered my questions and responded to urgent pleas for help at all hours.” ~ Katharine Ashe

“www.formatting4U.com offers reasonable prices, speedy service, and professional know-how. I highly recommend!” ~ Ann Duran

“A great lady to work with, would recommend to anyone.” ~ Shirley Wine

“Judy was amazing! Always professional and on the ball! Great customer service!” ~Denise Alicea

“I had the most wonderful experience working with Judi. Her work is impeccable and her knowledge incredible.  She provided a wealth of information and enriched my abilities as a new writer. I will keep using her business for all my upcoming books.” ~ Lilian Roberts

“Judi is professional, fast, and easy to work with. I’ll use her next time I need a formatter.” ~ Stacey Coverstone

“Working with Ms. Fennell and Formatting4u.com  was an amazing experience. Judi is wonderfully organized and efficient, and her turnaround time was phenomenal! I struggled with the formatting for kindle and createspace when I was on deadline and knew that I wouldn’t be able to spend the time figuring out the formatting for B&N, SW, KB, and Are. So I put it off for months until I ran into Judi at the NJRW Conference in October, and she handed me her card. She is a formatting angel..I’m just sayin’ .” ~ C.H. Admirand

“Formating4U did a terrific job formatting my book for print. The turnaround was fast and they were helpful with any questions I had.” ~ Christine Donovan

“You can count on Ms. Fennell doing what she says she’s going to do and doing it right. I highly recommend her and Formatting 4 U.” ~ Fran Fisher

“Judi provided super fast, stellar service. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” ~ Beth Williamson/Emma Lang

“Formatting4U did a great job formatting my book for Smashwords! As a technologically challenged author I needed help and Judi got my book prepared fast and affordably. I will definitely be using her services again in the future.” ~ Angel Lawson

“This is the second time I’ve hired Judi, and she was just as fast and professional as the first time. I’ll use her for all my future CreateSpace and Kindle formatting projects.” ~ Stacey Coverstone

“Judi is wonderful to work with! Very prompt, professional, and courteous. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to self publish!” ~ Patrice Lyle

“Judi converted my e-book and uploaded it for me. She did it right and quickly and saved me a HUGE amount of trouble and time…thanks a TON Judi!” ~ Doug Poynter


  1. […] Word-of-mouth is the best advertising, which is why all of my testimonials are up on my website at:https://formatting4u.com/testimonials/ with links to my clients’ websites. Most of them have Contact emails or buttons, so if you want […]

  2. Judi Fennell formatted my first novel, the first in a series. She is professional, meets her deadlines, her work is perfect for print and digital, and her fees are fair. But as important for me is the support that Judi gave to me as a new author, helping to guide me into indie publishing. Formatting4U is presently formatting book two in the series–I cannot imagine using anybody else.

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