Children’s & Non-Fiction Books

Do you have a children’s  picture book that you’d like to take to digital readers? www.formatting4U.com can help you.

http://www.formatting4U.com can do print layout and electronic layouts. Prices will be by quote. Contact us via the link to the right, and sign up to follow us because more children’s books are in the works!

Print and electronic layout/design by http://www.formatting4U.com for Little Sally Snippy Snot by Sherry A. Jones


Here’s the link for From Thailand With Love’s print book.

Here are the pages for the electronic version (posted with permission of author, Marliss Melton). http://www.formatting4U.com matched the layout of the print book done by Createspace, added extra content, and the end result looks AMAZING on color readers like iPad, Nook Color, and Kindle Fire. The digital version can be found here.


And The Legend of the Sock Goblins by Sherry A. Jones:

cover finalP05P05forestP06 AP07zz the end






















And from Vanessa Young, Almost Unglued, definitely NOT a children’s book even if it is about kids.


01Cover5  24BedtimeShenanigans1  25BedtimeShenanigans2pdn  26things i wonder 1  27things i wonder 2


  1. […] book layouts for print and epublishing now available! Check out https://formatting4u.com/childrens-books/ for information! Don’t miss the next […]

  2. Can I have you make my ebook which is now on amazon, available for other ebook readers like Kobo?

  3. how do I contact you about doing a childrens book for me to sell on amazon kindle

    • I sent you an email, Bob. I can definitely help you with this.

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