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Congrats to Roni Denholtz!

December 24, 2021

Roni not only WON the NJ Golden Heart Contest with her book, Lightning Strikes Again, book 2 in her Lightning Strikes series, but she also finaled with ALL 3 BOOKS in the series!

Yes, Roni was the SOLE finalist in the Paranormal category! I’m proud to say that I was her editor for all of these books, and we are looking forward to bringing book 4 to her readers in 2022! (Cover is already done, but it’s up to Roni to reveal it! – and, yes, I did the covers for the books as well, though her daughter designed the series logo.)



Congrats to Bryan T. Clark!

December 11, 2021

And the accolades keep coming! Way to go, Bryan!

One of the judges had this to say:

“I give Mr. Clark FULL MARKS. I find Gideon’s Wish first rate with its narrative strength + strong characterizations & character developments + the graceful way it confronts bold–for romance fiction–essential gay issues with deep sexual satisfactions in a nicely constructed “real world.” I also found it quite moving. For me, Mr. Clark is the real deal, a serious artist with a social awareness that is rare and swell. I’m eager to read more of his work.”

💖The book is available on Amazon/B&N/iBooks/Walmart/Target:

I will toot my own horn here, as I was Bryan’s editor for this book. Thanks, Bryan, for letting me work on it with you!


New Children’s Books

January 3, 2021
Click on the title to find them on Amazon: Mr. Tony Explores Space and Am I Still The Ocean?

Congrats to Nancy J. Cohen!

September 2, 2020
Get your copy today!

Another New Cover

August 25, 2020

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

What if you tiptoed in to pick up your child and the crib was empty. An open window. A slashed screen. A hospital smell. Would you scream? Cry? Call the cops? Mandy Rose did all that then she ran. Ran all the way across the country. The pain was that bad. But the pain of not knowing the truth was worse.

Returning to Louisiana was a mixed blessing. Mandy’s father wasn’t thrilled to see her. She discovered her baby’s daddy was now her younger sister’s lover. Her still married mother was dating the mild-mannered cop on the kidnapping case. Then, a dead baby upped the ante. They teamed together to investigate. It’s the early 80s, so no cell phones. Can they find out who took Hannah and why?

Characters who won’t let you forget them. Clyde, the handsome Black man, who dated both wealthy sisters. Mandy Rose’s haunting past that kept her afraid of life. Tough little sister Laura, studying to become a cop. And more, much more to keep you turning the pages.

Check the book out at:


Latest Cover for a Client

April 15, 2020

Congrats, Linda Ballou, for your latest release!


Way to Go, Bryan T. Clark!

March 10, 2020

Bryan’s book, Escaping Camp Roosevelt, is up for a LAMBDA Award, and is featured in Oprah’s magazine!



February 18, 2019

Roni Denholtz’s “Stuck in the Saddle with You” is a finalist in the prestigious Southern Magic contest!



Can love be the glue that keeps them together?

RaeAnne Tilton, assistant editor of Texas Trails Magazine, is roped into taking the place of a top model who quits in the middle of a photo shoot. She gets stuck in the saddle with the handsome cowboy who has agreed to be part of the photos.

Tyler Quimby has been raised in an idealistic family, and he believes in true love. But RaeAnne’s heart was broken in the past and she is afraid to trust another good-looking cowboy—especially since her family history is tumultuous.

Can Tyler convince RaeAnne that being stuck together can be a good thing, and lead to something more permanent?

“A fast moving sweet romance that will warm your heart and leave you wishing for more.”
~ Carolyn Brown, NY Times and USA Today bestselling author

Check out more of Roni’s work here and get your copy today!



Createspace/Kindle Merge

August 29, 2018

It’s an ever-changing world…

I’ve done some researched and talked to some folks at KDP about the move. Here’s what I’ve found out. This isn’t live yet and will be coming “in the coming weeks,” so their letter was a heads’-up to get your files/accounts in order.

  1. Check to make sure your account information is correct/current in both your KDP and Createspace accounts.
  2. Make sure your books are for sale on via CS. If they aren’t, they will transfer to KDP as a “draft” status.
  3. If you created your cover with the CS Cover Creator, it WILL transfer to the KDP platform (and should be fine, I’m told, even though the cover creator tools are different between the two platforms). If, however, you want to change/edit your cover, you’ll have to do it on CS first so that change will make it in the transfer. After the book transfers, you will have to create the cover in KDP’s cover creator. They also will have templates for covers like CS did/does.
  4. In uploading one of my books as a paperback directly on the KDP platform (cloning the metadata from the digital book), I can tell you that some of the title information will have to be manually entered. I had to enter the category(ies), address the adult content criteria (see next comment), and couldn’t use my publisher name as the imprint. The imprint name, should you want to use one, has to be registered with the ISBN, meaning that will have to be addressed with Bowker directly before you can include it with your KDP metadata for the book.
  5. They’ve changed the “adult content” criteria. The question now is along the lines of “Is there any material/images/language unsuitable for children under the age of 18.” That will need to be addressed post-switch.
  6. Re: print proofs. There is supposed to be the ability to order print proofs, but from what I’ve been able to ascertain, the book will be live before you can order a proof copy. I will have to see this in action, but my account hasn’t been approved for merging yet, so we’ll have to play this one by ear. If anyone gets this done before me, please email me and let me know.

It appears KDP is trying to make this seamless, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. The interior files and pdf covers shouldn’t change and I will continue to offer my pdf creation service under the KDP Print option on my work order. If you need some help updating the categories and other metadata, feel free to email me.

Regarding novellas, the math for figuring out minimum cost is: 24 – 108 pages, you have a flat fixed cost of $2.15. Add on the 60% royalty for a minimum cost of $3.58.

Links are below for any other questions you have, but feel free to email me if you have others. AuthorCentral, should you elect to call them, will transfer you to the KDP team.



Author copies:

Printing Costs:

Expanded Distribution:

Also, if you are interested in using KDP only for Amazon and Amazon.EU distribution, IngramSpark is a viable alternative for the rest of expanded distribution (this will then keep your minimum costs down for KDP), and while Ingram does charge for uploading, they occasionally offer free upload promo codes, so give me a shout-out if you’re interested in that option.


Helping authors bring their work to readers.

May 1, 2012


EDITORIAL – copy edits and full story edits available

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Thank You 4×6
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from Riverdale Avenue Books, cover by Scott Carpenter

from Riverdale Avenue Books, cover by Scott Carpenter


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With the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry, authors are finally able to meet the requests of their readers directly without going through a traditional print publisher. The internet has made this possible.

It’s also created a headache for those not familiar with formatting to the various platforms: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.

We’re here to take away that headache. Just call us Aspirin.

On our Services page, we list the service and the cost for either an a la carte or package menu.

The Work Order page is where you choose the services you require and provide us with the nitty-gritty specifics we need to get the files loaded once they are formatted. If you wish to upload the files yourself, that option is available to you.

Don’t have a cover? Not a problem. We have resources for that.

What if you only have an e-Cover? We can help you there without significant cost to you. (After all, you already spent money on that front cover.)

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